Book 2 News!!

Book 2 was supposed to be released earlier this month, but I ran into writers block left and right. It is now due to be out around the end of this month beginning of next month. (I am pushing for the end of this month) I have less than 10k words to write left then it is up to the editing on how quickly it will be released. I will be doing a cover reveal soon!! Since everyone has been waiting patiently for this book to get finished here is the peak of the Blurb/synopsis. 🙂

Sasha’s life has become something of a fairy tale of sorts only, not the happily ever after kind. She lives in a beautiful castle and is surrounded by friends and most importantly her parents. However, that is where the fairy tale ends. Her love life is more often than not a mess, and the first war in her new home is upon them. Sasha must journey to the most dangerous of this world’s species in hopes of their help. Will Sasha be able to gain the allies she needs to defeat the Shifters or will she die trying?


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