School Bullies and Teachers

School Bullies and Teachers

This has nothing to do with my books, but I just read this article and thought I would voice my opinion on it. 

It is really sad when all you hear on the news is about school shootings, teachers molesting their students, children starting fights and not just any fights, but trying to knock people out in one punch! What has our world come to when it is ok for children to have started to overrun and take over the adults? Children now a days are rude and inconsiderate of their elders and peers. But by golly you cannot discipline your children because it is considered abuse.

In this article a teacher saw the exchange of drugs in his class and tried to confiscate it. The student he was trying to take the drugs from punched him in the face and tried to stab him with a pencil. The teacher DID NOT hit the student back, but just tried to subdue the student so that he couldn’t try to hit him anymore or try to stab him. I believe that the teacher did no wrong. He defended himself without the use of violence, but he was put on administrative leave stating that he assaulted a student. Now they are claiming this was racially motivated because the teacher is white and the student is black. Multiple students that are black state that the teacher is not racist, but has been a mentor to them. The superintendent of the school is apologizing to the student and his family for the teachers actions. I think the superintendent should be throwing that kid out of school and apologizing to the teacher. Sadly this teacher is more than likely going to lose his job because of this and it isn’t right nor fair.

The government is stepping in places they shouldn’t and allowing our kids to be shits, but then when they do something really bad it is the parents fault.   I am sorry but when you take away a parents right to discipline a child the way they see fit it has become your fault not ours. (And I am not talking abusing our children) I am saying that some children need a good spanking to get in line. Timeouts just don’t cut it anymore. Especially when things like this happen. Maybe if that child wasn’t given so much damn freedom and had some structure and maybe some rules he wouldn’t be this way. Don’t get me wrong I am not blaming his parents in any way. This has to do with our corrupt ass government and them always sticking their noses where it don’t belong! 


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