New News!!

Hey, It has been a while since I have done a blog post. So, I figured I may need to do one and what perfect time than now with all the upcoming news. First, I want to say thanks to all my readers. You guys are amazing and what keeps me going. There are quite a few new things happening with me and my writing. 

I have tons of new WIP’s that you all are sure to enjoy, but getting them written is another thing entirely lol. Everyone is asking about book three in the Elven Gods series, when will it be out, will this be the last book? To answer your questions I am writing it, very slowly. I have lost my way with it and it is taking longer than I had anticipated or hoped. But, I do promise to try to have it out to you by the end of the year. That is my goal. As far as there being another book after this one, I honestly cannot say. This may very well be the last book, but there could also be another. It really just depends on if I have enough material to write another book. I will know more about this area once I am further into book three, so I will keep you updated. 

Another big news thing is I am going to be writing under a pen name. The Elven Gods series will continue with my name, but everything new and after this series will be written under the name Alyna Nyx. So much better and soooo much shorter than my name. 

Also I have been asked to join in on an anthology with a bunch of other amazing authors. A Christmas contemp romance anthology. Of course I happily accepted and have begun to write my very first contemp romance. This will be released as an anthology and when the anthology run is complete I will release it on it’s own. The cover for it is amazing! 

It is crazy the books that I am writing and am completely excited to write about. I wish there was more of me so that all of these books could come out soon. Sadly though there is not. So I must make do with what I can and try my best to get these amazing stories out to you when I can. 

New books coming out sometime this year and scheduled for next couple of years:


The Veil: Lilith’s Revenge

Country Christmas (Part of anthology/Novella)


Black Butterflies

Deities of Fate (The Ourailya Saga-book one) 

The Forest of Nym

The Mountain of Nym

Also as I am in school full time and trying to get all of these books done as fast as I can, I will be cutting out my Facebook time. I need to focus on the books for you all and I need to focus on my family. I have a gazillion home projects that need addressed before the upcoming holidays and they won’t do them themselves. Haley my PA will be around on Facebook and interacting with you all and I will pop in every now and then as well.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and keep an eye out here for more news and updates. If you all have any questions please leave a comment or a post on my wall. You can also message me on FB as well. 


Cassandra A.K.A. Alyna




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